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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Life These Days


Well, the verdict is in.  I like being a momma!  Even though I love (really really love) that our little guy is on a schedule, it's killing the night life.  Sigh.  I mean, okay, our version of night life was hanging out at JD & Michelle's until 11 or 12 but still!  Reed is dreaming away by 7:30 most nights. 


Speaking of 7:30 bedtimes, it's a good thing for my professional life.  I teach four classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and would be a mess if I wasn't getting sleep.  So many kudos to Reed for learning how to sleep through the night one week before I started back to work!  We might have a prodigy on our hands -- already sensitive to others' needs and he's only 5 months old?  It's okay; you can be impressed.  But seriously, working is going well (in case you're asking).  I stressed big time about going back but my love for planning and teaching has been reignited, and, I've found a new creativity that wasn't there last year.  I'll fess up, though.  What makes working easy for me is spelled B E N.  He and Reed hang out the days I'm teaching, and he's just an all around splendid husband and daddy the other five days of the week, too.


Not really happening.  And I'm pretty bummed about that.  I have ideas for what I want to write about and then life happens.  And I don't have time to write about life.  But I'm thinking about it a lot.  Maybe I'll set a goal to blog once a week.  Any requests?  I'd rather not bore the lovely souls who read my ramblings.


He is five months old.  Oh goodness I feel a cliche coming on.  Time flies! Where does it go?  Okay, that's better...all out of my system.  But yes, Reed is growing right on up.  He's about 25 inches long and weighs in at about 13 lbs.  He's seeing a physical therapist once a week to help develop his muscle strength and tone.  With all that happened the last few weeks of my pregnancy and the first early weeks of his life, he's got a little catching up to do.  But what I love most about right now is that we're starting to see a little personality take shape.  He loves to smile and laugh and play with his feet when Momma and Daddy are around.  Put him in an unfamiliar setting though, and he becomes a quiet observer wanting to just take everything in.  If you were to bump into him on the street he'd probably stare at you with his handsomely serious face while hoping that you don't invade his personal space too much.  Not only does my son look like a mini version of my husband, but I also think we have an introverted, internal processor on our hands.


We did it!  We have officially become an every Sunday church.  Our two year journey to this point, well, you know it's hard to describe.  Lots of hard work.  Wonderful, joy filled friendships.  Some doubts and misgivings.  Lots of faith and prayers.  A family that I'm committed to serving and loving.  An affirmation of the faith and prayers over the past couple of years.  And now the hard work keeps on coming.  But when you're in something with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind you don't mind getting dirty. 

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