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Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Kind of Normal....or Why I Didn't Make New Year's Resolutions

A close friend recently asked how I was doing.  At the time I was honestly struggling with baby blues, so my response was a little less than pretty.  The resulting facebook status went something like this: "Dear Hormones, if you can kindly regain your composure, maybe I can find mine." 

My friend lovingly reminded me that my life has been anything but normal over the past twelve months -- a little bit like repeated Chinese firedrills. 

2010 in review: We're pregnant! We're with relatives! We're renovating a house! We're becoming landlords! We're moving into newly renovated, still somewhat chaotic house! We're having a baby...sooner than we thought!  Columbia Church is launching!  I'm starting back to work!  We unexpectedly need to find renters for our condo!

My friend encouraged me to relax, as a new kind of normal is bound to appear for us.

So, do I feel badly about making absolutely no New Year's resolutions or declarations?  No.  I'm still waiting to figure out my new kinda normal.  And I'm praying for no major life changes in 2011.  I'd like the presence of mind to enjoy the ten or twelve I got in 2010.

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