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Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Little Mischief

So, what have I been up to lately?  Torturing my child, apparently.  I had this brilliantly creative idea that we would carve our pumpkin, put Reed down in it, and then voila -- capture this wonderfully cute picture.  I saw this turning out differently in my head.  But at least it makes a good story and a funny picture, right?

No worries.  I won't try and stuff Reed in a turkey for a "cute" Thanksgiving picture or try to use him as the topper on our Christmas tree.  Maybe.

I've also been reading an excellent book by Anne Jackson called Permission to Speak Freely.  She has a great chapter on confession.  She debunks the myth that confession is only about discussing our dirty laundry or entering a small private booth and 'fessin up to a priest.  Confession means agreeing that something is true.  There's plenty in life that is true and good, so we should confess those things, too.  I love it when a writer can open up my perspective.

And finally, I'm beginning to scheme for Ben's 30th birthday celebration.  Thirty's kinda a big deal (I mean it is only 10 years from 40!) so I want this celebration to be special.  I can't discuss the details here because he does read my blog.  But let's just say I'm VERY excited about my idea!

What are you up to these days?  Anything as fun as stuffing your baby into a pumpkin?? :)


  1. Oh my!! Can i steal this idea for Maddie?! I love it! but, I will honor your "copyright" too. : )

  2. You know, that is a really cute idea...I'm just not really sure my 17 month old would be too thrilled with it either :) Of course at this point, I would have to get a really big one!


  3. I absolutely LOVE that you are having fun at this stage of motherhood with your son! The picture is precious! One day, Reed will bring home his little girlfriend, and you can whip out this (and hopefully many other) funny and embarrassing pictures! You're such a fun mommy, Allison! :)

  4. Jaclyn -- absolutely! Steal away :) One thing teaching has taught me is that the best ideas are stolen....or borrowed, if you're so inclined :)

    Thanks Erika & Kerri :) Gotta have some fun amongst the sleep deprivation (come to think of it, maybe that inspired this pic!) and poopy diapers.

  5. LOVE it!!!