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Thursday, April 22, 2010

September's Girl

**I began to write this on Thursday, April 22nd, after the ultrasound where our doctor told us to expect a little girl in September.**

I'm sitting here tonight reflecting on today - mostly ordinary, somewhat extraordinary.

As summer pitches its last attempts at smothering Columbia, our baby girl will tumble into our world. A girl. I keep turning the word over, feeling its weight, rubbing its texture, smelling its scent. I wonder who this girl will be. What woman will she become?

The first two lines from Jupiter Sun's song, "September Girl," reflect the fear, excitement, and wonderment of becoming parents to this tiny little girl I feel forming in me and between us.

Oh, September girl, I am so scared today
Already 28 and still haven't saved the world

As our pasts and futures collide in this life God is forming, all I can do is rejoice and wonder and pray!

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