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Friday, February 5, 2010

When Smart People Back Me Up

This morning I logged onto Facebook, greeted by a new home page layout. All of the critical status updates and "I hate the new Facebook layout" groups that will emerge because of this change came immediately to mind. And I rolled my eyes. Yes I did.

Why? It's simple. Change is good. From the minutae of picking a new route to drive to work (they say it pumps new neurons) all the way to changing the person who sits behind the Oval Office desk every four years. And then everything in between. Change is good.

Sure there's difficulties inherent when Facebook makes changes. I had to search a little harder to find my Scrabble button (don't judge...I like words, ok? And today I scored a Scrabble thankyouverymuch). I got a little lost when I moved away from my home page and wanted to come back. Then the language is different. I can't click between news feed, live feed, and status updates anymore. Now it's two choices: Top News or Most Recent.

But I smiled at these changes. Not because I liked them all or even found most of them necessary. The old style was working just fine. I smiled because I like a company, an organization, a family that routinely changes things up. Change brings innovation. Sometimes it brings disaster. It almost always bring a breath of fresh air.

W. Edwards Deming was a smart man. He said once "It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory." I enjoy when smart people back me up.

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