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Sunday, December 20, 2009


I decided about three month ago that I wanted to blog. And in the ensuing months I've picked the petals off the daisy - I will. I won't. I will. I won't. I will. The catalyst? I'm spending five days in Dublin, GA with the Byxbes. Love the Byxbes. Dublin leaves a little something to be desired. Armed with three novels and my netbook, I've found plenty to do. Starting this blog is one of them.

I also find a peculiar joy when I discover that a friend blogs. I love the peek into that person's world. So now if there are any others who find that same joy, I'm gladly (if a bit trepidaciously - i.e. will I keep it up? is this just a trial run in narcissism?) contributing to it.

And the blog name? For a person who LOVES words (I actually had a favorite sentence from my thesis!) finding a name was the four month hang up. It needed to be pithy and meaningful and layered and memorable. So "Finding A Way" (which may be none of the aforementioned adjectives) made its way onto the page. If one theme has characterized my life with Ben over the past year it's that phrase. We have found a way to:
  • date and marry in under 10 months
  • start a new vocation (Ben)
  • travel to Los Angeles, CA
  • cut our budget by at least 50% becaue of said vocation change
  • make new lifelong friends
  • laugh, cry, and have fun
And we are continuing to find ways to make the most out of life. I suspect that finding a way will suit just about every season we find ourselves in.

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